• Passive Fire Series
  • Passive Fire Series
  • Passive Fire Series
  • Passive Fire Series
  • Passive Fire Series
  • Passive Fire Series

Passive Fire Series


Soben International passive fire systems are mostly developed in accordance with British and European Standards. Some products and applications may comply with Australian and American standards. Soben International’s eco-friendly premium product range is manufactured with selected raw materials and high strength quality cellulose fibres reinforcement. We specialize in calcium
silicate and fibre cement board products.
Our state-of-the-art calcium silicate technologies craft top quality products that offer exceptional levels of performance in fire resistance and authentic durability.

All of our product ranges have been developed in compliance with the European and British Standards. Individual products may comply with the standards of AS/NZS, ASTM and JIS.

Typical Applications include:

  • ​Fire rated doors​
  • Fire rated backing board for metal claddings
  • Fire rated industrial wall linings
  • Fire rated partitions and hoardings
  • Fire resistant spandrel and smoke barriers
  • Aesthetic curved ceiling and moisture resistance ceiling
  • Backing wall for ceramic tiling in the wet area
  • Casings for building services
  • Lining for heating wall/panel
  • Perforated finishes for acoustic space
  • Semi-exposed eaves and roof sarking boards
  • Sound insulated constructions


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