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Esta vez no hice la voz de Goku, era para ver como queda. Retornado MK, de nuevo Gracias pana mio. Canal. SSJ2 Goku vs Majin Vegeta. User Info: Ben Reilly. Ben Reilly 1 year ago 1. Excluding SSJ3 was Goku fighting at full power verse Majin Vegeta - Results (94 votes) Yes Goku was fighting wi full SSJ2. 84.04 (79 votes) 79. No Goku was holding back his SSJ2 power. 15.96 (15 votes) 15. Honestly I ink goku clears, majin vegeta only beat him due to cheating/cheap shot and goku imo has better abilities and h2h an vegeta. Post revival vegeta take it but I’m not sure if he. If SSj2 Goku vs. SSj2 Majin Vegeta had concluded, who would've won? User Info: MatureGambino. MatureGambino 3 years ago 1. Let's say Gohan became angry and wiped out Majin Boo when he first appeared us allowing Goku and Majin Vegeta to resume eir fight, who would've won and how? *Fights evenly wi Majin Vegeta and stated at ey were equal* *Transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 to fight Fat Boo and stated to be as strong as Vegeta* Super Saiyan 3 GokuSuper Saiyan 2 Goku=Majin Vegeta Goku refusing to use Super Saiyan 3 because he wanted to save it has no ing to do wi whe er he fought at Full-Power in Super Saiyan 2. SSJ2 Goku vs Majin Vegeta. User Info: dragonball0900. dragonball0900 1 year ago 11. I bet at OmniAlgus is one of e 4 who ridiculously voted for e second option. User Info: legendrider. legendrider 1 year ago 12. Why even debate is? Goku was definetly trying his hardest as SS2 against Vegeta. He ought he'd wrap up eir fight quickly. 04, 2006 · Is Dead SSJ2 VegetaMajin Vegeta,SSJ2 GOKU and Kid Gohan SSJ2? - 2, 14 Majin Vegeta, SSj2 Goku, SSj2 Gohan, Pre-ROSAT SSj1 Gotenks & LSSj Broly vs Base MANGA Vegito - 22, 17. Classic DragonBall Z Majin Vegeta Vs Ssj2 Goku in Japanese. A classic intense fight between Goku and Vegeta during e Buu Saga. Subscribe // DBZ Kakarot one of e best fights in DBZ anime, Majin Vegeta vs goku My Social Media: I use Twitter all e time! fol. 30,  · Super Saiyan 2 Goku Vs. Super Saiyan 2 Majin Vegeta! DBZ Kai! [Full Fight HD] Mannylo Anime Revolution. :08. Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Walk rough - Part 14 (Majin Buu Saga - SSJ2 Majin Vegeta) English. Isabellepick all80. 12:44. Vegeta lets Bobbidi control his mind, Goku accepts Majin Vegeta's challenge, Goku vs Vegeta begins. 11:04, ember 12, (UTC) Go Veggies! Vegeta whoops Cell´s ass and here is e proof: 1.Piccolo said at when Vegeta was fighting fat buu, he hasn´t felt at kind of energy since ssj2 gohan at Cell Games. is statement confirms at Majin Vegeta is atleast at Cell Games Gohan ssj2 level. is means at Majin Vegeta ssj2 could dominate Cell´s full power. 02,  · CG Ssj2 Gohan + Ssj2 Goku + Majin Vegeta vs. Majin Buu - 20, 17 Gray Buu vs Good Buu, SSJ2 Goku, Majin Vegeta, SSJ2 Kid Gohan and Super Perfect Cell - Feb 7, 14. -Vegeta knocks out Goku. During is time, Vegeta tries and fails to kill Majin Buu-Goku wakes up, and stops everyone from wasting ano er wish-Goku flies out to fight Majin Buu, turns Super Saiyan 3-Goku fights Majin Buu for a few minutes and leaves-Goku arrives at Dende's Lookout and shows e kids e Fusion Dance-Goku turns SSJ3 for e kids. Ssj2 Goku vs Ssj2 Vegeta(pre Majin)-Goku wins low to mid diff, Goku and Vegeta were only about equal when Vegeta got his Majin Amp and I would say Vegeta was slightly stronger wi e Majin Amp. • e battle takes place after Goku Requests Babidi to transport him & Vegeta to a place where people wouldn't get hurt during e battle. e two began eir battle once transformed into Super Saiyan 2. •During e battle, ey would have some major Vocal Interactions while fighting to e dea. ere would also be beam struggles. 23,  · [[Category:{{{1}}}|Majin Vegeta Vs. Goku]] Okay honestly is whole conversation about Vegeta and Goku really is frustrating and before i Begin i am not, i repeat i am NOT a hardcore Goku fanboy. Now it is clear as day Goku's heart, determination, and purpose is weak during his fight wi Majin Vegeta yes he was trying (im not saying he wasn't) however it is so clear at Goku is at his . SSJ2 Pre Majin Vegeta vs SSJ2 Kid Gohan. 0. Join Community. 541 Anime Fans. Moderated by: Sgt tin, EpicRaptorMan. Majin Vegeta vs SSJ2 Teen Gohan but I actually ink Gohan is a better fighter an bo Vegeta and Goku, or at least, kid Gohan. In e Buu Saga he stopped training and completely lost his. 09,  · ss2 goku vs majin vegeta dbz goku vegeta. ecountry gamer. Follow. last year. 11 views. watch goku take on vegeta ss2 battle. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 2:45. Dragon ball Z wi DBZ kai music Majin vegeta vs Ssj2 Goku. 15,  · SSJ2 Majin Vegeta + Super Perfect Cell + LSSJ Broly (Movie ) vs Dabura + Good Buu [Mr. Buu] + Evil Buu + SSJ2 Teen Gohan - 3, 12 Ssj Goku(Buu arc) + Ssj Majin Vegeta vs FP Perfect Cell - . Ssj3 Vegito Ssj3 Goku for sure, but always Ssj3 Goku is Base Vegito from e anime e fusion of Goku and Gohan would be reeeally strong because ey are closer in power. But Goku and Vegeta are far apart. Ssj3 is faaar above Ssj2, even wi e majin . By:goku ssj2 vs majin vegeta ssj2. 1,627 likes. 44 talking about. Comedian. Why couldn't ssj2 goku beat majin vegeta? SS2 Majin vegeta = SS2 Goku SS2 Vegeta. Bo had equal powers in ose forms but goku is e much better tial artist/skilled fighter seeing as how he was properly trained roughout his young life by Korin, popo, roshi, kami,and kaio while vegeta . SSJ2 Majin Vegeta vs SSJ2 Goku. Full Fight. English Dub SSJ2 Majin Vegeta vs SSJ2 Goku. Full Figh. მაჩვენე მეტი. Majin Vegeta. Majin Vegeta vs SSJ Goku (Ascended) ended in a draw, erefor one can conclude at an SSJ2 Goku would beat Vegeta. 21,  · In e Namek arc, we're meant to see parallels between Goku's hunt for e Dragon Balls and Vegeta's. It's no coincidence at e first Dragon Ball Vegeta finds is e 4-star Ball. Where Goku's adventure was a whimsical one full of fantasy and wonder, Vegeta's is cruel and soulless. For Goku, his hunt was about e journey. Could SSj3 Goku of stomped Majin Vegeta. a weaker version(ssj2 vegeta) was able to tank Kid Buu's attack. all Majin Vegeta needed to win is to outlast e beating. 27,  · Alright animation and sprite work, but Vegeta would be a blood smear going up against e kind of power a SSJ5 transformation should possess, especially in SSJ2(his first use of which was as a Majin). at said, you might want to cut e potentially epilepsy inducing flashing . Vegeta doubled his power at e absolute least. After 7 years of vigorous training in o er world, I can only imagine Gokus SSJ power atleast tripled. Remember, Gohan didnt train AT ALL. Gohan couldnt do jack to Buu. Majin Vegeta went in on Buu. SSJ2 Goku was equal to Majin Vegeta. Like I said o, e 7 years of training is e biggest factor. 18,  · Goku would have broken Vegeta. More mentally an physically. Vegeta is a proud Prince of all Saiyans. Every ing he did until e inevitable sacrifice he made to stop Buu was out of his pride. While Goku draws his fighting spirit from feelings, V. DBZ Kai Final Chapters - Goku Says Goodbye To Gohan [HD English Dub] Adina Smi. Follow. 3 years ago. 27 views. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 1:17. Goku . Majin Vegeta's power was equal to what SSJ2 Goku's was. But in SSJ3, Goku might totally annihilate him. Goku does also have a weakness ough, and ats not being able to maintain e form for long. erefore, Majin Vegeta could also beat Goku at being if weakened out of e Super Saiyan 3. 11, 2008 · at's why Vegeta allowed Babidi to turn him Majin so he could be stronger an SSJ2 Goku. But even wi e Majin power SSJ2 Vegeta was only equal to SSJ2 Goku. Bo of eir power levels were 360,000,000. But when Goku transforms into SSJ3 he blows Majin Vegeta out of e water wi a power level of 1,080,000,000. Majin Vegeta vs SSJ2 Goku Lineart. 19 3 3K (1 Today) By Brussel eSaiyan |. Rules:Goku is in Super Saiyan 3 mode.Vegeta is in Super Saiyan 2 mode.Fight starts 500 meters aways.Fight ends in KOGoku (go along wi it, it's to m. en ere's Vegeta at can only access ss2. For sure Goku and Vegeta are more skilled riors, but power level mean a lot in dragon ball, so wi out BFR or any kind of fusion I ink Gohan. Apr 18, - Controlled by Babiddi. See more ideas about Vegeta, Dragon ball z, Dragon ball.45 pins.

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