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05, 2008 · Re: web server not working on local network 19, 2008 08: AM. tomkmvp. LINK Look in e Application and System logs for nings or errors related to W3SVC, IIS, or ASP.NET. 16,  · I just tried is, but it still does not work. I was able to reach my site mail.mydomain.com 2 days ago from inside my network, but it stopped working e next day. However, I can still access my o er site at mydomain.com. It is just at when I type in mail.mydomain.com is does not work from inside my network anymore. I don't know what happened. Feb 22,  · On e network side (wi IP address using) most of e features on e website are working but some of em are not working. I also copied e page solution to e laptop computer and run e project/solution wi ASP.NET Development Server and has no errors on e laptop PC wi e same browser etc. 15,  · Basic knowledge of website hosting on IIS. Create a website in IIS. Open run (windows key + R) and type inetmgr and press enter or in Cortana Search type IIS. in specific local ports textbox. en click Next . en e Action form opens. Select Allow e connection and click Next. en e profile form opens. In e When does is rule. If you can see e website from ano er network, en yes - e problem is probably your internal network. If your internal network is e same name as e domain name of your website, en your local DNS settings are overriding what e world sees. You should have some DNS settings (or be even a hosts file?) on e server at's running your internal domain. Local machine seems hared wired to go to e stock default web site (i.e No IP address or host name assigned.) e default document feature is not working on new web site. I verified it is enabled. I will also post e default document issue arately (wi its own Title) in case it is not . 02,  · I believe at IE 11 is not identifying local sites and erefore not applying e Intranet Zone security settings. In Desktop mode Turning off 'Protected Mode' in e Internet Zone Security settings allows e pages to work normally but obviously . Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, Enable external access to local website wi www binding. 0. How to set up IIS7 site to be Https. 15. How to change default application in a website in IIS 7.5 on Windows 7. 0. Using multiple hostnames on IIS. 0. Website not working in IIS 7 using e IIS Manager. In my IIS 7.5 hosted in a Windows Server 2008 R2 I have several websites wi no DNS address assigned. Let's take for instance e site (as named in IIS) wi site name mySite.I have for is site e standard binding wi no host name. Suppose at my server IP address is, for instance, erefore it seems logic to me at in order to access e website, I should place in e. Login into your Window server via Remote Desktop. Go to Start → Administrative Tools → Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. In e Connections pane of IIS, expand e Sites and select e website which you want to access via IP address. Click on Bindings link and you will see current bindings of at website. 14, 20  · I ink what you are doing is selecting e checkbox on e Secure Communications page (click e Edit button under Directory Security in e IIS Web Site Properties box). is forces e site to be using SSL. e problem is you probably didn't get a cert for your site and/or told it . 01,  · IIS: Web application works inside IIS Server (Localhost) but not outside I am experiencing problem wi my web application which is configured on Port 90. It works fine if accessed wi in IIS Server i.e. right-click browse but when I accessing it from outside, no ing happens. I tried using IP address instead of server name. 21,  · Hi, Website not accessible from o er computer in network. Website is running fine on my system, but I donot find any reason why it is not accessible from o er computers. I'd be willing to bet e Windows Firewall is running, is seems to be e most common issue in local IIS not working . is is e only website at I have running on e IIS server. e App Pool running e web site and e virtual directory is e same and uses 'NetworkService' as e identity. On e IIS server and on o er workstations in e network: myiisserver is added to 'Trusted Sites' myiisserver.mydomain.com is added to 'Trusted Sites'. 09,  · I'm really not sure what could be blocking access to ese web servers, since two different web server softe installations are not working, leading me to rule out IIS-specific settings. Port 80 appears to be working, as e original web server responds to internal / external requests, and e o er web servers respond to internal requests. e problem comes is at I need o er computers on e network to access e site, but when ey type e same ing in to eir web browser, it cannot find e site/domain ip etc. ey can see my computer on e network via my network places, we are in e same workgroup, (MSHOME) and I can ping e IP and get a reply via e command prompt. Feb 24,  · And i hosted my website in my local IIS. My problem is while i am opening e website from visual studio some alter message is coming like ASP.NET 4.0 has not been registered on e webserver. You need to manually configure your web server for . Following are ways to avoid problems when you access network resources from your IIS application: Keep files on e local computer. Some network communication me ods do not require a security check. An example is using Windows sockets. You can provide direct access to e network resources of e computer by configuring a virtual directory to be. 01,  · I have deployed C web services on IIS server, which normally work fine in production (which uses SSL/https wi right security certificates) and development (uses http). But in our special testing environment ose do not work (it uses SSL/https, wi invalid certificates). I only updated e . forgot for a moment e application console. JS never. 09,  · Cannot access Web sites or cannot start IIS services at run under non-local system account and use Windows au entication wi IIS. e logon identity of e Internet Information Services (IIS) Admin service is different from e logon identity of e Local System account. is your internal IP address, o er devices on your local network will not be able to resolve at. You'll need to create an A record in your domain's DNS table and point at to your router's public IP address, en ford port 80 to e private IP (e.g., of your local computer running Apache.You'll also need to disable any firewall rules for port 80 on at computer. 14,  · It is not necessary to save or open e files. You cannot self-update Automatic Updates is way. If you do not have access to ese files, troubleshoot network connectivity between e WSUS client computer and e WSUS server. To check network connectivity on e WSUS client computer Click Start, and en click Run. e web site should now have 2 bindings, one for *.80 (http) and one for *.443 (https). We need to go back to Visual Studio, right-click e Secure Web Site Project and select Properties. Now select e Web tab. For Servers select to use Local IIS Web Server. 16, 2005 · I can access e web server fine, and view webpages etc on my local network, when I ues e dns address. But when I try e same ing outside my network, it just says e page cannot be displayed. e ing is e J2EE server I have, could go ough port 80 and it was accessible via e dns address outside e local network, and it viewed fine. 27,  · It might work if you move it into ano er folder and change e basic settings of e IIS website to e new folder? at way e node application can run via pm2 from e build folder and IIS is pointing to e o er folder. e web.config is en never changed by e build. 29,  · Accessing Websites on a Local Network (LAN) Web Server. Posted: -07-29 02:31:48. ere are a number of different ways at local websites can be viewed from o er computers (running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, Android phones, etc), at are all connected wi in e same LAN (local network). 16,  · I cannot do is from wi in our local network. If I type https://name.domain.com e website works but just typing name.domain.com goes to an unable to connect page. Not sure if is is a DNS problem or just a local http redirect problem. Windows Server . IIS v. Please explain how you setup e redirect. ,  ·. Setup your phone for wi-fi access, so it's on e same network as your IIS express computer (in is case, your development computer). en it can access your workstation using it's IP address. NOTE: You cannot do is if your phone is connected to your phone company's network. You need to be on local wi-fi access. 13,  · IIS 7.5 Windows Au entication not working [Answered] RSS. By default IE only allows pass ru au entication in e Local Intranet zone. You could try adding e URL to e Local Intranet Zone just to see if at helps. Network +, A+ Please ' k as Answer' if is post helps you. OrcsWeb: Managed Windows Hosting Solutions Re kable. e problem was at over e years e ciphers has changed but only for Windows and servers has been proper updates, but not for older versions and Windows already had ose entries and updated accordingly. Consequently, ere are some registry entries at does not exists at affect e way SSL is treated in IIS after e upgrade. To test if is is e case open a new tab in Firefox . Feb ,  · I have a website hosted on IIS where i want to list network drives name.I am able to get network drive names available on my computer when I run my website from visual studio but its returning blank while running from IIS.My IIS version is . What I have tried: var drives = DriveInfo.GetDrives.Where(x = x.DriveType == DriveType.Network). When you run e code in e emulator localhost:5000 referes back to e emulator not your local computer where you have e api. So you need to use e computers local ip address (often 192.168.xxx.xxx). 19,  · SignalR not working on local IIS but working wi IIS Express 1647. Risbot opened is issue 19 20 comments Labels. type: Bug. Milestone. 2.1.0-rc1. Comments. Copy link Quote reply Risbot commented 19, . In e IIS, I get is error: In IIS Express it works. somebody know solution? 31,  · If e redirection does not work for some reason, make sure at web.config exists and check if it contains e appropriate rule. To do is, follow ese steps: In e sites list of IIS, right-click on your site. Choose e Explore option: Explore will open e document root directory of e site. Check if e web.config file is ere. e name of e IIS Web Site is not related at all to e host name or domain name. You could name it corresponding to e host name or domain name but at is just for display in IIS, it has no meaning or importance to e working of e site. To add a new Web Site in IIS it must have a specific ip address or it must have a host name mapping. 09,  · Select e Web site from e list of different served sites in e left pane. Right-click e Web site, folder, or file for which you want to configure SSL communication, and en click Properties. Click e Directory Security tab. Click Edit. Click Require secure-channel (SSL) if you want e Web site, folder, or file to require SSL. I have a server running Server 2008 Standard edition wi IIS 7.5. I have a web site in iis at I can get to internally if I use localhost in e address but if I use e ip address I get page cannot be displayed. I have checked nslookup, e bindings, and e dns on my server and ey all look good. My vendor inks some ing is blocking port 80. Access IIS Site on W Pro 64bit PC on a Private Network - posted in Networking: I have a Windows Pro 64bit notebook wi a website hosted by IIS. e notebook PC is not connected to any. Because a web application can be extended in up to five zones, make sure you select e correct IIS website and zone. In e Delete IIS Web sites section, click Yes if e IIS website is hosting only SharePoint Products and Technologies content. If e IIS web site is hosting o er content, you might not want to delete e web site.

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