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As mandatory meetings count as work, ey're covered by federal wage and hour laws. You have to be paid at least minimum wage while you're in a mandatory meeting. If you're entitled to overtime . If eir attendance is mandatory. e meeting serves to benefit e employer. If meetings are strictly voluntary and outside of working hours, you not be required to pay employees. To be sure, check your state and federal wage and hour laws. 3. Be sure and mention where e meetings are usually held, what time ey are held and what type of topics will be discussed. Here’s some wording to . 23,  · Under e Fair Labor Standards Act, employers must pay employees for attending meetings: If eir attendance is mandatory and e meeting serves to benefit e employer. If meetings are strictly voluntary and outside of working hours, you not be required to pay employees. It's a business meeting it's work and everyone should be paid. If ere is no mandatory meeting clause in your contract I would advise everyone to not attend e meeting. When bobble headed boss complains explain everyone is happy to attend is business meeting if it's during work hours or we get paid overtime if it's outside of normal work hours. Apr 08, 20  · Yes it is illegal to not get paid for any time you are asked to work. A mandatory meeting is basically saying you have to be ere, erefore you should get paid. It is obvious ey are breaking. 23,  · Employees who do not feel ey are being paid as agreed need to contact e employer in writing before doing any ing else. Explain in detail what payments were not made as expected, including overtime or late paychecks. If is doesn't work, you can do one of e following: Contact an attorney at handles is type of case. ey will help you get e pay you're owed, but . If an employee has to do training as part of eir job, ey have to be paid e right pay for ose hours worked. Employees also have to be paid e right pay for time spent in team meetings or opening and closing e business, if eir employer requires em to be ere. Example: Payment for training. Joe just started as a sales assistant in a shop. 04,  · Under federal law, your employer be required to pay you, as an employee, for time at you are not working. Employers, in general, are required to pay eir workers for time at is spent under e employer's control and for e benefit of e employer. If you are a non-exempt (typically hourly wage) employee, e time at you spend in a mandatory meeting is compensable work time. is means at your employer has to pay you for it. Also, to e extent at such additional time puts you over 40 hours in your work week, en it has to be paid as overtime pay. You are entitled to be paid for e time you were required to be ere for e mandatory meetings, no ing more, no ing less. An employee who is required to remain on call at home, or who is allowed to leave a message where he/she can be reached, is not working (in most cases) while on call. Additional constraints on e employee's freedom could require is time to be compensated. 01,  · If eir attendance is mandatory and e meeting serves to benefit e employer. If meetings are strictly voluntary and outside of working hours, you not be required to pay employees. To be sure, check your state and federal wage and hour laws. , 2009 · Mandatory meetings not paid. read starter Tconrad. He was not scheduled to be working during e meeting, al ough he still had to work a full shift later at same evening. e commute was 45 minutes ere, 45 minutes back and crossed at state line if . 01, 2008 · since it is a union job probably not but you can definitively be disciplined. why are you not being paid for is time? a mandatory meeting is work time and as such must be compensated, at is assuming at is is a work meeting. if is is a union meeting en e employer has no ing to do wi it. 02,  · Under e Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employees must be compensated for attending any meeting at is required by e employer or deemed as mandatory. Hours worked under e FLSA include all. 26,  · Time commuting to work is never paid time. e time to stop for e bagels is incidental to e commuting and is not part of e employee's job. You ask an employee to drive to a store on work time to get bagels for e office meeting. If e employee makes is trip during normal work hours, he or she should be paid. Apr 14,  · Mandatory staff meetings are considered time worked. If an employer does not tell staff how long e meeting will take, employees are paid for at least 3 hours. If employees are told how long e meeting will last, ey are paid for e leng of e staff meeting or for e number of hours ey were told it would last, whichever is more. 05,  · Attendance or participation is voluntary and not required for your job. e training takes place outside of regular work hours. e training is not job-related. You do not perform any work during e training. (For example, an employee who uses a softe training class to create a work presentation is entitled to be paid for at time.). Apr 26, 2008 · Whe er you should be paid for attending a company meeting likely also depends on whe er your job is exempt or non-exempt. If your employer is not required to pay you overtime, en e employer likely does not have to pay you more in requiring you to attend a meeting. Virtually all employers are ae at, pursuant to e Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA ), ey are required to compensate employees for all hours worked. What is not as clear, however, is whe er e time an employee spends at training programs, lectures, meetings, and o er similar activities should be considered hours worked. 25,  · An hourly employee must be paid for *all* hours worked, even if e work is 1) a meeting (or any ing else which is not e employee's normal duties) and/or 2) is after e employee's normal shift or after business hours. A mandatory meeting is work. erefore, you should be paid for it, even if e meeting occurs after hours. An employer would not have to pay employees for time spent in meetings outside e employee's normal working hours at were completely optional and non-work related for e employees. Such meetings might include: Meetings of you organizations sponsored or supported by e employer Happy hours and o er optional socializing. Company sports team events. Special interest or hobby group meetings . 02, 2006 · I'm not a lawyer but I agree at a mandatory meeting must be made known to all, must be paid for (including travel time in bo directions, since a lot of people spend a lot of time in traveling to and from work), must allow for exceptions for sickness, days off, and o er [erfectly legitimate reasons. 15,  · I work part-time at a job in Chicago, Illinois (approx 25 hours a week) at sent out notice yesterday at company policy has changed (effective immediately) to reflect pay for weekly mandatory meetings at half of hourly salary and only paid if job performance . Under e law, an employee who reports to work on time and is later sent home because of lack of work, having worked less an half of his or her regularly scheduled shift, is entitled to be paid for half e usual or scheduled day's work, but in no event for less an two hours nor more an four hours at his or her regular rate of pay. 31,  · Answer: Occasionally, employees are called to work on a day ey are not o erwise scheduled to work to attend a mandatory meeting.Reporting time pay requirements are stated in Section 5 of California’s Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Orders, as follows: Each workday an employee is required to report for work and does report, but is not put to work or is furnished less . 27,  · Additionally, ere is a setting for Zoom Rooms, Bypass e passcode when joining meetings from meeting list. is allows e room to join a meeting from e meeting list, wi out needing to manually enter e meeting passcode. e passcode needs to be included in e meeting invitation sent to e room's calendar. If you are professional and not subjected to e hourly wage, en e salary will be enough and e employer does not have to pay you extra to attend e mandatory meeting. If you are a non-exempt employee (eg. waiter), en e employer will have to pay you per hour for e meeting . Apr 22,  · April 22, . Work functions: even if attendance is not mandatory, employees often feel compelled to attend. Under most circumstances employers are permitted to require eir employees attend a work function (even if it is outside normal business hours), because most states are at-will employment states. is means at an employee can be terminated or quit for any reason or no . your company is arranging important meetings to discuss projects, but not recognising at is is work and must be paid. So some ing has to give ere. First, appeal to your employer to give you your legally-mandated 30 minute break. Just approach your boss describing . Feb 07,  · Not only is is unlawful in PA, it is unlawful under e Fair Labor Standards Act.If you are an hourly employee, en mandatory meetings must be paid. Training for new employees, as long as it is reasonable (2-4 hours), does not need to be paid, but mandatory meetings does need to be paid . 02, 20  · I am paid flat rate. Which means I only get paid for e work at I complete. My employer requires all technicians to attend mandatory company meetings once a mon wi no pay. ese meetings are usually about 30 minutes to one hour long and are held after normal buisness hours. 18,  · So if your boss says 'mandatory meeting' he must pay you for it. If he says 'voluntary meeting and I'll chuck on some pizza's as a anks' at's actually legal. If he en punishes you wi less shifts for not coming to e 'voluntary' meeting you don't have much of a chance of proving at e less shifts were connected to e meeting attendance. 17,  · In e recent Cutco case, e employer agreed to pay $6.7 million to settle an overtime pay lawsuit against it for unpaid training time. e employees, in is case, were required to attend a mandatory training session for 3 to 5 days to become knife sales representatives. however, ey were not paid for is training time. is requires at when an employee is required to report for work and does report, but is not put to work or is furnished less an half said employee’s usual or scheduled day’s work, e employee shall be paid for half e usual or scheduled day’s work, but in no event for less an two (2) hours nor more an four (4) hours, at e. 05, 20  · A mandatory meeting would be considered a scheduled shift, and erefore would be paid. e Employment Standards Act does not speak specifically to meetings. e fact at it is mandatory means it is scheduled work. 02,  · An employer is not obligated to pay for e time spent in a meeting if all of e following criteria apply: e meeting takes place outside of normal hours. e meeting is voluntary. e meeting is not job-relatedNo work is performed during e meeting.In your situation, a disciplinary meeting is job-related, mandatory and likely to take place. e time is not only hours worked on regular working days during normal working hours but also during corresponding hours on nonworking days. USDOL Wage and Hour Division does not consider as work time at time spent in travel away from home outside of regular working hours as a passenger on an airplane, train, boat, bus, or automobile. Let's take Alex from e example above. In a daily overtime state, he would be entitled to overtime pay for e four extra hours he worked on Monday, even ough he didn't come close to working more an 40 hours in e week. Employers at Must Pay Overtime. Al ough e vast majority of employers must pay overtime, not all are required. ere are certain rights at you have under U.S. workplace laws. One of em is at your boss can’t make you work off e clock if you’re a non-exempt employee. In o er words, if you aren’t management and you get paid by e hour, en you must be paid for any ing, including meetings at you are required to attend. Mandatory holiday party? ere had better be a paycheck in your stocking. An employee has to be paid for training time unless all of e following are true: e program takes place outside of normal work hours. Attendance is voluntary. e program is not job-related. e employee doesn't perform any o er work at e same time. 18,  · It is at when an employee is scheduled to work, e minimum two-hour pay requirement applies only if e employee is furnished less an half e scheduled time. us, for example, an employee who schedules and requires employees to report for a 90-minute meeting, but ends e meeting after only one hour, does not owe reporting time pay. 26, 2005 · Mandatory attendance at a staff meeting certainly falls wi in e definition of hours worked, so an employer must pay employees for time spent at e staff meeting - if attendance is required. Apr 07, 2009 · I am not sure if ey are paid or not but at is just ridiculous. ey also have to take turns cleaning e ba rooms because it is cost saving and everyone has to share e responsibilities. My point, it could be worse. I once worked for e Container Store. Yes, we had mandatory meetings at were outside of store hours. ese meetings are always on Sundays (my only day off/when e restaurant is closed). I asked him if we would be getting paid since he said it was mandatory (after looking up what e NC Dept. of Labor has to say about it). According to e laws in my state, if it's unpaid it has to be voluntary. e meeting is at Starbucks and he literally.

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