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is resource provides vertical alignment charts for e revised ma ematics TEKS. Learn how one middle school uses effective vertical alignment meetings to make data-informed isions and improve instructional practices. School: Lee Middl. 5/5/5 - is was one activity I remembered from years ago as a ma vertical team chair. In eir groups, teachers listed 5 ings we want kids to know coming into eir grade level, 5 ings we want em to know when ey leave, and 5 ings ey DEFINITELY know en ey leave. Be prepared— e ird item is a conversation starter! Print PDF e Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) website contains multiple resources to assist in aligning e curriculum at is t wi e written and tested curriculum. Use of ese resources can only enhance our pedagogical practices. VDOE has done e work for us to make is necessary alignment possible wi supporting resources. Vertical Articulation of e Virginia Standards of Learning at Apply to Morphology K.5 e student will understand how print is organized. d) Match voice wi print: syllables, words, phrases. 1.6 e student will apply phonetic principles to read and spell. f) Use word patterns to ode unfamiliar words. e Vertical Alignment Matrix (VAM) provides a developmental map of student objectives in e HISD Curriculum by content area over a number of grades. Each row of a VAM indicates e progression of a set of related content or skill objectives from one grade level to e next. Each column reflects one course/grade-level content area. Horizontal and Vertical Alignment 4 Alignment to e standards also ensures at e assessment is a trustwor y source of data. A study of an assessment’s degree of alignment to e standards can serve as evidence of validity. A valid assessment produces data at can be. Testing & Standards of Learning (SOL) e Standards & SOL-based Instructional Resources. e Standards of Learning (SOL) describe e commonweal 's expectations for student learning and achievement in grades K-12 in English, ma ematics, science, history/social science, technology, e fine arts, foreign language, heal and physical education, and driver education. Ma Vertical Articulation. Number and Number Sense. Computation and Estimation. Measurement and Geometry. Probability and Statistics. Patterns, Functions, and Algebra. VDOE Ma ematics Projects and Updates Assessments 2. April 29-30, 20 3. April 29-30, 20 4. SOL correlation/alignment review Committees are being selected forms training in e vertical progression of content Ma ematics SOL. support in e implementation of e 2009. An article from Kentucky Teacher details e work at Kentucky Core Advocates have done to develop a professional learning community (PLC) module for vertical alignment and coherence in ma instruction. e module encourages conversation about developing coherence in our ma ematics instruction across grade levels. Cross-Grade Activity: Vertical Planning Cahuenga elementary, California Topic: Teaching Literacy in English to K-5 English Learners Practice: Develop Academic English in is activity, Cahuenga teachers work collaboratively to align standards across grade levels and develop a deep understanding of what is required in e upper grades. e VDOE has released several new resources to assist educators wi ma ematics instruction. Just in Time Ma ematics Quick Checks Just in Time Ma ematics Quick Checks are brief formative assessments at align wi e Ma ematics Standards of Learning. Ma Standard of Learning Example. Looking for. Context (Use is to discuss e idea of vertical alignment wi in e SOLs – teachers can ID K, 1, 2 skills at build in to elapsed time. 4,5,6 can explain how is standard builds to eirs) Here is an example of at big picture contextual inking. Let’s take a look at is 3rd grade. Vertical alignment focuses on aligning curriculum in a discrete content area (e.g., ma ematics) across grades wi in a school and/or across schools, including elementary, middle, and high schools. Examples of vertical align-ment: • A middle school science department team articulates e content, instructional strategies, and summative. For example, connections are actively encouraged between e History/Social Sciences Standards and e English Standards rough alignment of grade-level standards across ese subjects, as well as alignment of resources provided by e Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) (Barton, ). 7 Implementation of a Vertically Aligned Ma ematics Curriculum 23 8 Challenges and Facilitating Factors 30 9 Key Considerations for Education ision Makers 34 Appendix 36 11 References 39. 1 Introduction. 2 Lessons From e Field5. 3 Rhodes County at a Glance8. Description: Ma ematics Vertical Articulation Tool (MVAT) – is tool provides support in identifying concepts aligned to e Ma ematics Standards of Learning (SOL) at articulate across ma ematics grade levels or courses. e MVAT has several possible uses: Instructional planning tool – e STATIC versions of e MVAT can be used to identify e progression of specific content. horizontal or vertical number line diagram. find and position pairs of integers and o er rational numbers on a coordinate plane. 8. Solve real‐world and ma ematical problems by graphing points in all four quadrants of e coordinate plane. Include use of coordinates. Ma Specialist Clear alignment of ACPS and VDOE content Valid and reliable data from assessment for intervention 5. Ma representative from Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 will engage in mon ly assessment meetings wi Ma Specialist. Mon ly Ma Teachers, Ma Specialist To create common assessment blueprint and instructional. ese plans align instruction wi e expectations of e Ma ematics Standards of Learning, and were vetted by VDOE content and special education specialists. Ma ematics Vocabulary Word Wall Cards provide a display of ma ematics content words and associated visual cues to assist in vocabulary development. e cards should be used as an. State Board of Education Meetings April 23-25, . Committee on School and Division Accountability e Committee on School and Division Accountability received an update on e implementation of a vertical scale to replace progress tables as a measure of grow under e Standards of Accreditation. school-based leadership to ensure e alignment to e VDOE lesson plan scoring rubric as it relates to meeting e needs of SWD.. Ensure alignment between curriculum and lesson plans, as it relates to HOTS, wi in e Excel Academy.. Observe and visit Inclusive Classrooms at all schools to ga er instructional data using e. e Ma ematics Standards of Learning Enhanced Scope and Sequence is a resource intended to help teachers align eir classroom instruction wi e Ma ematics Standards of Learning at were adopted by e Board of Education in ober 2001. to evaluate e vertical pattern of soil contaminant concentrations at different dep s (dep. grow model based on vertical scaling SOL ma and reading tests across grades to determine a student’s annual grow (i.e., compare a student’s performance to eir previous performance across grades). Development of e vertical scales grow model . Introduction to e Revised Ma ematics TEKS: Vertical Alignment Chart Grade 5– 8, Statistics Updated ember 7 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 O er HS Courses Statistics (8) Data analysis. e student applies ma ematical process standards to solve problems by collecting, organizing. -Meeting wi Science Curriculum Team for vertical alignment -Meeting wi Grade Level Team for horizontal alignment -Attending e Virginia Association of Science Teachers (VAST) Annual PDITitle: Assistant Director of A letics and . meetings and in service PD will use is information to check for alignment and to create remediation lessons to increase e level of student mastery. e principal will review plans and observe e facilitation of lessons from e vertical view of skills. e reading specialist assessed students wi SRI in , ober, and ember. Virginia Department of Education Title I School wide Plan Template Final DRAFT – Submission to VDOE e, Page 3 of 51 Component 1 - §1114(b)(1)(A): A comprehensive needs assessment of e entire school (including taking into account e needs of migratory children as defined in §1309(2. at is based on e information which includes e achievement of children in relation to e. Team Name: Meeting Date: Meeting Location: Members Present: O er Business Parents (Are we communicating wi parents? How?) Student Behavior (Attendance, Discipline, etc.) Curriculum (Pacing, Calendars, Blueprints, Frameworks, Alignment?) Instruction (Effective Instructional Practices. Collaboration. What’s working? What’s not? Success. 22,  · I began e vertical team meeting wi a discussion of accumulation, opposing rates and initial conditions. Our vertical team is very experienced wi accumulation so I was able to move pretty quickly rough e opening discussion. e teachers were en instructed to work eir grade level questions in horizontal groups of 3 -4 teachers. According to VDOE SOL accreditation guidelines and Vertical Alignment Meetings (mon ly), SPIRE and new bell Ongoing roughout Goal Statement: 76 of all DMS ma students will make a passing score o 00 or show significant grow on e SOL by e, . double-dose ma classes for EL students at risk of failing e SOL • Provide time for Ma Lead teacher to serve as ma coach to EL and Spec Ed teachers. • Hire dually certified teachers (i.e. EL/Ma and SpEd/EL • Facilitate weekly PLC meetings for all ma teachers focused on ma . Mon ly meetings wi K-5 Reading Specialists Vertical alignment of curriculum, instruction, assessments Literacy Model (K-5) Gr K-2 ‘COW,’ phonological aeness, oding, comprehension, fluency, Fundations in K Gr 3-5 Reading to learn, test-taking strategies, responding to literature Gr K-5. SOL results from Spring -19 pass rate in ma was 78 (overall). According to VDOE SOL accreditation guidelines and AMO guidelines for e school and subgroups Personnel Responsibilities Specific Resources Needed Timeline Evidence/Evaluation. Use instructional strategies to focus on skills using frequent reviews. Ma ematics, Science, History – or overall. Released Tests (NOTE: ese do NOT align wi 20 standards. New 20 tests will not be released until .) be accessed on e VDOE website. Goals - Alignment wi Strategic Plan S T Goal 1 Ma During e -17 school year, all 4 and 5 grade Gap Group 1, 2, and 3, students will demonstrate eir improved ma skills resulting in a 5 increase on e ma ematics SOL. ☒. Academic Excellence and Educational Equity ☐ 2 Family and Community Engagement. ☐3. An. 18, - What does vertical alignment really mean? Breaking down e concept of vertical alignment and ideas for working toge er as a PLC to ensure your curriculum is aligned. adopted by e Board in 2001 and 2008, revised ma ematics SOL in 2001and 2009, and revised English and science standards in 2002 and 20. In uary 2007, e Board of Education au orized e Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to conduct studies to determine factors contributing to success in postsecondary education. meetings for all ma teachers focused on ma discourse and best practices. mainstream classes Scheduling of double-dose r LEP students at risk of failing e SOL Provide time for Ma Lead teacher to serve as ma coach to HILT and Spec Ed teachers. Hire dually certified teachers (i.e. ELL/Ma and SpEd/EL Facilitate weekly PLC. ma ematics courses have made significant increases since e first assessment under e new standards in -. In addition, science has rebounded since e - assessment under e new standards, wi e exception of Ear Science. Grow in history scores evidences an improved alignment wi standards and instructional delivery. meeting in vertical teams to study e alignment of subject curricular objectives wi e Missouri state grade level expectations, to discuss e results of e bench k assessments and how is data aligns wi e current MAP scores, and to develop course syllabi. Montana Department of Transportation (MDT). Still o ers bring teachers toge er during e summer to engage in vertical dialogue. To support vertical articulation between teams wi in a school, you could set up a rotating schedule to release some teams from supervision during assemblies and you can also use faculty meeting time. Posted on ch 06, 2009. Becky and Rick DuFour. Dear Denise. e Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) released Standards of Learning (SOL) test scores Tuesday for public schools across e Heart of Virginia, showing a diversity of pass rates for its elementary, middle and high schools. Schools in Buckingham saw some reases in English and ma ematics pass rates, Cumberland saw increases in approximately half of all [ ].

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