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/connect freenode Wi is command, WeeChat connects to e freenode server and auto-joins e channels configured in e autojoin server option. is command can be used to create and connect to a new server wi out using e /server command (see /help connect). By default, server buffers are merged wi WeeChat core buffer. Here's a simple guide for password-based au entication, based on e WeeChat quick-start guide. If you haven't already set up your connection to freenode, use is command: /server add freenode -ssl. If you have already set up a connection to freenode, or if at command fails wi a message like irc: server freenode already exists, can't add it!, en use ese commands . In order to get at working in WeeChat, you only have to download e SSL CA cert from // and save it somewhere in your home directory (~/.weechat/ would be a perfect place for at). en you have to edit your configuration file (~/.weechat/irc.conf in recent versions of WeeChat) and locate e ssl settings. 02,  · However if you would like to connect to Freenode by default every time you start up WeeChat: /set irc.server.freenode.autoconect on If you've registered your username (highly recommended so at nobody can pretend to be you) en you will need to prove you own e username by supplying e password: /msg nickserv identify {your password} Identify your username . 24,  · Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. On e o er hand, a well trained operator as compared wi a computer is incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant.. Connect to your WeeChat from your browser, Android, Qt or even Emacs! Interfaces Screenshots Documentation and support. WeeChat is translated into several languages and has a comprehensive documentation. Excellent support for users. Documentation Support Help e project. You can help e WeeChat project in many ways. To create a NickServ account from a restricted IP address, you can first connect to e freenode webchat. Webchat is not affected by e SASL restriction. Once your NickServ account's email address has been verified you can use at account to satisfy e SASL requirement. Kiwi IRC - Freenode. ,  · Ignore join/part/quit messages in WeeChat ch , Add a comment. cheat-sheet articles are about code snippets at I need every once in a while, and which I constantly forget about. From e WeeChat FAQ: Wi s t filter (keep join/part/quit from users who spoke recently). Some networks have web clients you can connect to for doing is, and you can also make a clearnet connection in Weechat wi /connect for example. If you do not know how to register a nick, type /msg nickserv help register. If you are unsure whe er e network will be logging your ip, play it safe and connect ei er rough. 29,  · From wi in weechat, we’re going to add a server for freenode, and set it up to auto-connect for us.. /server add freenode / -autoconnect /connect freenode /save. Assuming you setup e nickserv module in ZNC, as well as some initial channels to connect to, it should just auto-connect and auto-join freenode and ose channels. We’re done wi ZNC/IRC. 安装完之后运行weechat-curses就可以打开软件了. 在软件下方的输入框里输入/connect freenode就可连接到freenode的服务器,输入/join ruby就可以加入到ruby群组里了. 你可能会想,能不能打开软件到自动连到freenode上,自动加入一些群组呢,这当然可以了,包括你的名字都可以配置后保存起来. Welcome to weechat - help channel for WeeChat 09 00 │ io ([email protected]) has joined weechat │ @ carl 09 25 freddy │ Hello! │ @ jessika 09 11 02 │ carl has changed topic for weechat from Welcome │ @ louise 09 11 02 │ to Welcome to weechat - help channel for WeeChat │ Diego 09 11 36 k │ hi io, I. I will quickly break down how to get up and running wi freenode and weechat. /server add freenode /connect freenode. You should be connected to freenode. Now we need to register a nickname. Change e your nickname to your desired one wi is command /nick Assuming e nick is available, you can register it wi. Apr 24,  · sudo apt-get install weechat weechat /connect I even tried adding a server by using e /server add freenode command and en connect, but no luck. 03,  · /set irc.server.freenode.autojoin /r/sysadmin,channel2 Connect to your newly created IRC alias. /connect freenode. As you can see, out of e box Weechat offers some very nice features. e only ing at I found annoying/frustrating in Weechat was at ere was no way to manage your different windows. /connect 6667 YourNick:YourPassword Unable to Speak. If a channel is set to mode +r, you won't be able to join it unless you are registered and identified to NickServ. If you try to join, you might be forded to a different channel. To start chatting, you have to use some commands preceded by a / (ford slash). For instance, /NETWORK LIST will get you a list of pre-configured networks, /CONNECT Freenode will connect to a server and running e command /JOIN ubuntu will join e official IRC chatroom of Ubuntu. is distributed in e hope at it will be useful, but WI OUT ANY RANTY. wi out even e implied ranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See e GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of e GNU General Public License along wi For all capabilities supported by WeeChat, see /help cap (WeeChat 1.4+) or /help irc.server_default.capabilities (WeeChat 1.3 & older). Disabling automatic switching of buffer. When you connect WeeChat to ZNC, your channels change a lot until you are joined everywhere. is can be disabled wi e following commands. Rough notes to start using WeeChat on Fedora 17/18: Quick Start. Install and Start yum install weechat weechat-curses List of servers /server list. Freenode is already ere. /connect freenode. Set your nick: /nick amitksaha /msg NickServ identify ** ** Join networks: /join beaker /join fedora-qa. Part: /part (Keeps e buffer open. 04,  · ssh YOURIP -t screen -D -RR weechat weechat-curses is command will log in to your server and look for a screen session named weechat . If a session wi at name exists, it . WeeChat is a fast, light and extensible chat client. It runs on many platforms, is modular, can support o er protocols, is scriptable in 6 languages, fully-documented bo in and out of e program, and actively developed. Comparison of WeeChat vs IRSSI detailed comparison as of and eir Pros/Cons. Weechat community can be found on weechat @ Freenode. e community, including devs, is helpful in answering any WeeChat related questions. Easy to configure weechat connect . ,  · Now we are going to set weechat to autoconnect to is network and auto au enticate /set irc.server.freenode.autoconnect on /set irc.server.freenode.nicks [nick] /set irc.server.freenode.password [password] Lastly we want to save, anytime you use e /set command to change an option you need to run /save to write e changes to disk. If you. Weechat uses your computer username as e default nick. If you don't want to connect to irc servers wi your computers username, en in weechat type e following: But before you try to connect via TOR, to connect to Freenode using TOR, SASL is required. . Now configure your /server entry for freenode to use is certificate. You need to adapt is example for your existing configuration (e network and hostname should match what you already use). /server add -auto -ssl -ssl_cert ~/.irssi/certs/freenode.pem -network freenode 6697 weechat. e ports are probably blocked. Freenode offers a number of ports for you to connect via, specifically ports 6667-9, 7000 and 7070. Pretty sure you can also connect on port 443 as well, and only asses block at port. If all else fails, use When comparing HexChat vs WeeChat, e Slant community recommends HexChat for most people. Weechat community can be found on weechat @ Freenode. e community, including devs, is helpful in answering any WeeChat related questions. Pro. Built-in script manager. Easy to configure weechat connect to server using certificates. Connect a bot to Web Chat. 08/22/. 4 minutes to read +4. In is article. APPLIES TO: SDK v4 When you create a bot wi e Framework Bot Service, e Web Chat channel is automatically configured for you. e Web Chat channel includes e Web Chat control, which provides e ability for users to interact wi e bot directly in a web page.. e Web Chat channel in e Bot Framework . message (default): e whole IRC message is oded/encoded, is is e new default behavior. in case of problem wi channel names, try to use text instead. channel: e message is oded/encoded starting at e channel name (or e text if no channel is present). is is like setting e old option to on. text: e message is oded/encoded starting from e. 4. WeeChat in Linux 4.1 Installation. We can of course directly download e package from WeeChat Download, and have it installed from source. However, installing WeeChat from repository is recommended. Step 1: Add e WeeChat repository. Freenode 6697. freenode provides SSL client access on all servers, on ports 6697, 7000 and 7070. Users connecting over SSL will be given user mode +Z, and is using a secure connection will appear in WHOIS (a 671 numeric). Webchat users will not currently appear wi +Z or e 671 numeric, even if ey connect to webchat via SSL Configuring SASL for WeeChat. 20,  · I can normally connect to any server I have added fine, but when is bug starts it'll prevent me connecting to any server. e existing connections will work fine and outside of weechat I can ping e servers I'm trying to connect to, but weechat wont connect . 15,  · Easy (webchat) e fastest way to get in our channel is to go ough your browser. To access Freenode (e irc network at e LUG channel is on) from your browser, you can use eir web interface. In e Nickname field, enter e name at you want . Connecting to Freenode. Freenode is where e majority of programming IRC talk happens, so let's connect to it. WeeChat comes wi basic Freenode configuration out of e box, which is nice and convenient. I'm going to assume you have a Freenode account (or will connect wi out one). registering ere is outside e scope of is post. 13,  · Server hostname can be WeeChat, click Deploy Now. Wi Putty downloaded and installed, find your server's IP address after it is done installing. Once you click on your server and scroll down, you should find e username root and password to connect using e Putty softe. Copy and paste your server's IP address over to your Putty client. VISEO Bot Maker - WeChat Bot Implementation. Report is module. e modules on is site are automatically indexed from npm. Glowing Bear is a web frontend for e WeeChat IRC client and strives to be a modern interface. It relies on WeeChat to do all e heavy lifting and en provides some nice features on top of at, like embedding images, videos, and o er content. 18,  · So what happens is: Client calculates fingerprint.k.a. hash digest (in is case, SHA1) for e certificate provided. Client compares e fingerprint to ose saved to user settings ( it matches - success, e certificate is fine. Weechat community can be found on weechat @ Freenode. e community, including devs, is helpful in answering any WeeChat related questions. Pro. Built-in script manager Easy to configure weechat connect to server using certificates. Pro. Easy to customize. You are able to modify configurations inside application or via modifying files(i.e. You can have numerous connections to different networks and servers.: /server Freenode or /connect Freenode To add a SSL server: /server add -network Freenode -SSL 7070 Or if you don't want to add it, but only connect to it: /connect -ssl 7070 To add a server to a network, have it auto connect upon launching. Javascript is required to use IRC. Comparison of WeeChat vs irc.c detailed comparison as of and eir Pros/Cons. Introducing. Not an ad! - e Slant team built an AI & it’s awesome. Stop sifting rough all e crap on amazon - our AI finds e best. 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