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Xat chat Sounds contains a list of all Xat chat sound codes (Audies) wi e added ability of being able to preview ose Xat chat sounds here. View «XatWorld Generators Page 2». Using Audies - sending sounds wi xat chat Using Audies - sending sounds wi xat chat You can send sounds in messages by using a special code. For example scream sends a scream. We've added e list of all e sound codes, called Audies, at exist for use in XAT. XAT sound codes ere you'll also find a link to e oficial and newest XAT sound codes. XAT Sound Codes We’ve added e list of all e sound codes, called Audies , at exist for use in XAT. XAT sound codes ere you’ll also find a link to e oficial and newest XAT sound codes. is is kind of fun! We just added Snapvine’s Talking Photo widget to our site. It will allow you to add voice or sound to any Xat image. All you have to do it upload e image . only), record e track (via microphone or telephone), and generate e code. Use it below your Xat chat or on your Xatspace page. Add voice to any image. 20, 2008 · HERE ARE ALL E SOUNDS AT YOU CAN USE ON AND XAT CHAT PAGE 44 44inside accessdeniedfemale accessdeniedmale accessgranted airbrake airbrake2 airhorn alarmbeep alarmclockbeep allclear ambulance and angrywoman aoogahorn aoogahorn2 applausesmall arrowhit babyrattle balloonblowout balloonblowup balloonstretchsnap . 0 FREE XATWORLD.COM - e original XAT resource and news site for XAT users: Embed: Edit: Events: Message: Inappropriate: Xatworld Blog: Xatworld forums: Nicks generators: All our resource sites! xat codes, xat tutorials, xat tips, xat backgrounds, xat avatars, xat tricks, xat help, free xats, xats free. Use ese generators to create a fun ings for Xat chat and Xatspace. Xat chat backgrounds, Xat chat backgrounds - e largest collection of custom free and paid Xat chat backgrounds and Xat pictures. We have emo Xat chat backgrounds, halloween Xat chat backgrounds, Xat chat holiday backgrounds and much more. all designed by famous Xat background designers - Custom designed Xat chat backgrounds and Xat backgrounds from top Xat designers. edit settings. logout. login register. xat uses cookies and your use is subject to terms agree settings. send message. Hey guys!:D is just, e new Xat power ID 427 has been announced as LOVETEST power. A set of new smileys and new pawns for san valentine. Here's e current smileys from our Xatworld homepage: (lovetest) In addition to e smileys, is power also brings us some Xat. Xat chat Ajuda: Coisas para seu chat (Portuguese) de Xat. Codigos, Fundos e Modelos, Avatares, Tutoriales, Imagenes, Iconos, Ayuda Brazil. Xat tricks: is is just a quick video at shows how to activate Xat's secret debug message counter. uploaded a video 8 years ago 0:47. 18,  · When I first joined Xat I always heard e BONG defualt sound at you hear when someone types a new message. I started getting annoyed wi e sound and since 2009 always had e chat voulme on mute. In I was making a list of different power ideas when I first ought of GSOUND and how it could be really useful for some chats. Welcome to our Xat background and buttons tester for - is page allows you to test your chat backgrounds and experiment wi button colors wi out having to enter and reload your chat each time. When you have your desired button color, simply copy and paste e color code in your chat admin. 07,  · A quick tutorial on how to register at Xat / Visit // for more Xat resources. xat groups are shared chat rooms for a specific purpose. Discuss particular subjects like anime, gaming, music, technology, news and more. Create a chat for your friends, community, country or . is content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password. xat has support for special / (slash) commands, which allow for advanced actions at are not available in e graphical user interface. Some commands are available for everyone on e chat, while o er commands require a specific rank or power.. Default / commands []. ese commands can be used by everyone in any chat, ough sometimes you need a certain rank. Noticias y edades de Xat y del primer sitio de recursos Xat en Español – MundoXat! El nuevo power para esta semana es INSTRUMENTS, el cual trae consigo nuevos peones y smilies de los cuales podrás disfrutar. Los smilies de INSTRUMENTS vistos desde (instruments)(accordion)(amplifier)(drum2)(drumkit)(guitar2)(lovemusic)(saxophone)(trumpet2)(violin2) INSTRUMENTS tiene disponibles los siguientes peones: Amplifier: INSTRUMENTS + Hat = (hatha) . 7,315 likes. 1 talking about. Home of e very first and leading Xat chat resource site. ¡Nuevo power! ID 449 - MINIMON. ¡Lindos Smilies y peones de los que podrás disfrutar!:D Los smilies de MINIMON vistos desde (minimon) (mmjump) (mmtiny) (mmalert) (mmback) (mmchubby) (mmdark) (mmdead) (mmhappy) (mmsad) (mmsick) (mmsing) (mmsleep) Peones Disponibles Peon Nombre Power requerido Código Minimon Minimon (hathi) Minimon2 Minimon . 12,  · Quick tutorial on how to create a Xat chat box. Este canal es para los usuarios de Xat. Coloquen sus videos de ayuda aqui. Poner Fondo al Chat - Duration: 3 minutes, 24 seconds - Channel. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. EL nuevo power para esta semana es GSOUND (power de grupo), te permite cambiar el sonido de el chat cuando una persona escribe o envia un mensaje (bin-bong sonido) por defecto y dandote la posibilidad de agregar nuevos sonidos a tu Chat 8). Solo debes Asignar el power en. Xat Sound Codes – Audies. Below is a list of XAT sound effect codes. e list is taken, in part, from e official XAT list (see end of list for e XAT audies page). Use: Copy any code below (including e ) and paste in any chat you’d like. You’ll hear e corresponding sound effect. 7130 meeldimist. 2 räägivad sellest. Home of e very first and leading Xat chat resource site. 12,  · A quick overview of Xat stick code animations made popular by Xatworld's Best stick animation gets Purple contest All of ese Xat stick codes can be found. Inainte de a posta un mesaj, citeste regulamentul acestui forum! caje permise: a blockquote code em strong ul ol li cite img p font h1 h2 h3 h4 u strike center Codurile html, php, etc, trebuie puse intre caracterele `` pentru a fi afisate, utilizati butonul pentru asta. Feb 02,  · Custom Sound Hello everyone. Its simple, e idea is to create a power at allows you to choose e sounds of private chat in general or of a specific friend. It would be sending a command in a friends chat in which we want to give you a custom sound at has xat. For example: Quote /sound. 14,  · Xat chat SOUNDS and sound codes Below is e complete list of all Xat chat Sound effect codes. We've taken e list from e official Xat chat sounds list and added e ability for a user to preview Xat chat sounds right here on our sounds page. Use: Copy any Xat chat sounds code below (including e ) and paste in any chat you'd like. You'll hear e corresponding sound effect. 26,  · make sure to keep an eye to your email for a verification code, en follow at link you will get in your email associated to your xat account. Link to post Share on o er sites. XD some people ink it will be 200-300 or 500-600 xats. Christina also known as Chrisss says it will only be 60 xats. she was claimed to be e first one to have it. she realeased a little info about it on e Xat help chat, but not alot. Feb 26,  · 1 - Dan click al power Gsound. 2 - Click en assign. 3 - Luego click en ok. 4 - Click en Edit Your Chat. 5 - Click en Extra Features. 6 - Buscan el power Gsound, can el cuadro, click en Edit para cambiar los sonidos. 7 - En las opciones del Gsound nos saldra lo siguiente: Message sound (Sonido del mensaje: Cuando uno escribe y/o los demás. - User Sound (Sonido de usuario: Cuando. Message sound is when everybody talks, even you, on e chat, it does not matter if it's e main chat, or e private chat. As long as you have one of em open, every message at you receive will have e same sound. User sound is made when someone gets into e chat. 7,131 likes. 1 talking about. Home of e very first and leading Xat chat resource site. First of all, if you want to choose a XAT Avatar at XAT already provides for you, en you have to click on your name on e right side of e XAT Chat where everyone’s names are. (OK, is sounds a bit vague, I’ll put a picture) Click your name~ Now you can ei er type in a number, (a picture will come up) or choose one of e avatars below. 4167 meeldimist. Notícias e atualizações sobre Xat do primeiro e mais conhecido site de recursos Xat em Português. Xat ha sacado una nueva función que permite ver y escuchar otro usuario de Xat por webcam. Uso: para activar el webcam, entra a cualquier chat en el sitio de, inicia un chat privado con un usuario, dale click a la pestaña de «Games» (esta a la izquierda del chat), y . Posts sobre Gifs para Xat Diversas 2 escritos por xtradebr. 15,  · I would like to have e option to mute main chat messages but have a sound play for when people private chat me. I ink is would be a great feature to add into xat as it will allow people to be notified when ano er users or a friend private messages you wi out having to hear e constant BONG sound from all e messages in main chat. 4,226 likes. Notícias e atualizações sobre Xat do primeiro e mais conhecido site de recursos Xat em Português., Chat. 29,601 likes. 12 talking about. Noticias y actualizaciones del primer y más conocido sitio de recursos Xat en Español. 02,  · Congrats @LaFleur for posting e complete answer.. Congrats also to e rest of participants who participated on is round, i would also like to red you a little. Please contact me at chat Help or Trade to claim your prize. I have been on xat for around 2-3 years now. I have an 8 digit ID. It all started when I was playing a game call Club Penguin. My cousin found out about someone famous on Club Penguin named Heatblast227's chat. We went ere for about a mon and was shut down because of.

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