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It wasn't easy being Robin, e Boy Wonder. Sure, to e outside observer his life looked like a dream come true. He was not only a sidekick, but Batman's sidekick. He was on his own superhero team, young justice. He got to fight crime alongside not only his friends but also e rest of e Justice League. Silently e young acrobat crawled down e vent system, pulling up a map of it as he went. He ided to go to e vent located above e 'kitchen' area. Looking down, e little bird saw an open kitchen at was empty of any heroes. Robin en brought his holographic computer up again. 26,  · Robin: e Girl Wonder (A Young Justice Fanfic) 179 Reads 3 Votes 2 Part Story. By Doglover2 0 Ongoing - Updated 26, Embed Story Share via Email Get notified when Robin: e Girl Wonder (A Young Justice Fanfic) is updated. Sign up wi Facebook Sign up wi Google.. Sign up wi Email. 29,  · Robin e boy wonder is finally trusted to go on a patrol alone. en, he runs into a mysterious girl wi blue and black hair. Burning Amber (Kid Flash/Wally x OC) 26.3K 909 69. Young Justice Fanfic Amber, a girl wi e ability to control fire. She loved e group she was apart of, feeling like e villains were her family. She believed Reviews: 513. Hey, go easy on her Superboy, she's new, came Robin's voice shortly after he cackled, as if to make up for his amusement at Wonder Girl's fail. e team had ided to undertake a training session wi Wonder Girl to see what she could and Batgirl could do. ey started wi Wonder versus Superboy, and Batgirl versus Aqualad. Out of e corner of her eye, Lois noticed a group of young heroes. Kid Flash, Robin, Aquagirl, and some girl who looked like she could be Wonder Woman’s sister turn up. Lois hated e anti-Amazon sentiment which being bred due to e unfortunate attack from one rogue Amazon. Fanfiction Romance Assassin Young Justice Angel Lilac Halo Angel Lilac was only 7 years old when she lost every ing. iding at it was time for a change, she sneaked aboard e Queens Gambit, but disaster struck and e boat went down. At e age of nine, her whole family was murdered right before her eyes. Days go by when she's suddenly adopted by one of e richest men in Go am and suddenly having ree older bro ers and living in a mansion. By day, she was e Golden Girl of Go am and by night she was Robin, e Girl Wonder. Follow her adventures on being Batman's protege. Robin, e o ers? Aqualad shouted. He matched Hawk Girl blow for blow. I've lost Miss M and KF's down but e o ers seem fine! Robin shouted back. He continued to dodge bo Batman and Wonder Woman, jumping from rafter to rafter. He won't stay still! Wonder Woman cried exasperatedly. Keep on him, he can't keep it up forever.. Lina Dubois. Your typical 16, year old teenage French girl: shy, quiet, socially awkd, a little on e clumsy side. Except ere is one ing at's a little abnormal. 26,  · Browse rough and read young justice fanfiction stories and books. Anime/Manga Romance Wonder Woman Korra Young Justice Robin (Y/N) and Korra are Wonder Woman's sidekicks. (Y/N)'s Hero name: Avatar Lupa. While o er girls learned from history, ma, and English professors, she was a student to John Constantine. Inhuman (Young Justice/ Fem!Robin fic.) Fanfiction. Cadmus has been e source of many of Robins problems, but when she is kidnapped and modified, it affects her a lot more an she ought it would. Controlling is seems impossible. (lots of plot holes, don't ink about em too much) Fem!Robin an. 19,  · I write fanfiction for all you lovely readers 'A professional is an amateur who didn't quit.' Current works: Young Justice: Robin Centric (Slow) - Percy Jackson: Nico Centric (Slow) - When y Ends (Update weekly) Favourite quotes☆ - Bob says hello. - Percy Jackson - It is my time. e time of Maximum Ride. - Maximum Ride. Hey, Boy Wonder, she grinned at Robin, holding out a red-gloved hand. It was supposed to be a regular day at Mount Justice. en a girl wi a sword in her side teleports. No one was whelmed. Young Justice Season 1 (51) Dick Grayson is Robin (11) Fluff (6) Superheroes (6) Friendship (5) Angst (4). 24,  · A young ninja, living a ent life on e streets of Japan, has now sparked e attention of e Justice League. After earning her trust, ey take her back to live wi em to help fight crime. A little bit of time passes by and she is now on a team wi protégés of e Justice League. Wonder Girl.k.a. Cassie Sands k, is e love interest of bo Superboy and Tim Drake/Red Robin fromTeen Titans. 1 Biography 2 In O er Media 3 Romances 3.1 Superboy 3.2 Red Robin 4 Trivia In e original continuity, Cassie Sands k was e second hero to adopt e name Wonder Girl, e first being Wonder Woman's sister Donna Troy.She was e dhter of Zeus and an achaeologist. After. Robin III / Red Robin Tim Drake 9: 14 17 B21 Wonder Girl Cassie Sands k 9: 14 17 B22 Blue Beetle III Jaime Reyes 11: 16 19 B23 Impluse / Kid Flash II Bart Allen - 15 (in 2056) 18 B24 Guardian III Young Justice FanFiction Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site. 'Young Justice (TV Series 20 –)' Young Justice (Season 2)/Young Justice: Invastion Wonder Girl (Cassie Sands k) - All Fight Scenes Wonder Girl (real na. Young Justice outsiders episode 19 Young justice 3x19. ese clips are from episode 15 Humanity. You can HELP SUPPORT e channel below 🔴PayPal: 🔴YouTube Memberships: ank you for watching. Young Justice: Continuum is a video game set between e events of Young Justice: Afterma and Young Justice: Darkside. Aqualad / Kaldur'ahm, Kid Lantern / Wally West, Miss tian / Megan Morse, Nightwing / Dick Grayson, Superboy / Conner Kent, Tigress / Artemis West nee Crock. Cassandra Cassie Sands k, also known as Wonder Girl, is a fictional superheroine appearing in DC Comics.She was created by John Byrne and first appeared in Wonder Woman (vol. 2) 5 (uary 1996). e second Wonder Girl, Cassie is a sidekick of Wonder Woman and has been featured as a member of e Teen Titans.. When Cassie was introduced, she was e dhter of an archaeologist, . KF and Robin: *stifled lhter*) *clears roat* My very first fan fiction! *fanfare and applause* It’s a Young Justice fan fiction and it starts in media res, and, yeah, it’s pretty intense. Just an FYI: I hate cussing/swearing so none of at is in is fan fiction. And, please, none in e comments, ei er. In e interest of making is wiki e leading au ority on Young Justice, we list here all e running gags seen on e show and in e tie-in comics. 1 Dick Grayson 1.1 Lhter 1.2 Unwords 2 Codenames 3 Don't call em sidekicks 4 e Light 5 Wally's shameless flirting 6 Shimmer 7 School bus in distress 8 Superboy 8.1 Love-hate relationship wi monkeys 8.2 Literal names 9 Speedster's. Aqualad Aquaman Barry Allen Batman Flash Green Arrow Kaldur'ahm Kid Flash tian Manhunter Miss tian Robin Superboy Superman Wally West Wonder Woman Young Justice 1920x 80 TV Show Young Justice. ere are people who want to see em in young justice but ey have gotten exposure since teen titans classic animated series. I don't want to see Raven's trigun story yet ano er time. Dick also is great wi Barbara so I don't want Night wing starfire and ey have already done e alien fish out id water coming of age wi several. is article is about e second Robin. For his precursor and successor, see Nightwing and Robin, respectively. Jason Todd was e second hero to go by e moniker of Robin.3 At some point, Jason took e mantle of Robin and joined e Team. After Jason died, under unknown circumstances, Tim Drake became his successor.3 Season 2 08. Satisfaction (photograph)09. Darkest (photograph)20. Superboy and Wonder Girl have a storied history toge er. Meeting when ey bo became members of Young Justice, Connor Kent and Cassie Sands k hit it off. eir friendship would eventually blossom into romance when ey were bo members of e Teen Titans.Superboy would die during e events of Infinite Crisis before being resurrected and reuniting wi Wonder Girl. Tags. Graphic Depictions Of Violence. Diana (Wonder Woman)/Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne. Diana (Wonder Woman) Clark Kent. Alternate Universe. Sum y. is is a story wi e DC Trinity (Wonder Woman, Superman & Batman) at heart wi a little retelling of eir origins. set in an alternate universe where e ree of em are royals, and must overcome impossible odds to beat an evil God, so full. Zatanna Zatara (Zatanna, born 20, 1996) is a magician, a former member of e e Team and currently a member of e Justice League and e Titans League. She is e dhter of Zatara, a host of Dor Fate. Zatanna has a rebellious nature: she has snuck out of e house multiple times wi a duplication spell, and suggested at e Team kidnaps her to cover up her willing. Apr 28, - Kon-El (Superboy) & Cassie (Wondergirl) started in e New 52 as enemies, but eir relationship as become a love/hate one. You don't know whe er ey are going to kiss or punch each o er. See more ideas about Cassie sands k, Teen titans, Dc comics.24 pins. Young Justice: Enlightenment is e sequel to Young Justice: Darkside, taking place e following year. It is succeeded by e spinoff series, Knights of Gemworld. e Justice League is compromised and e Light takes over e world., All members of e team reunite in order to sabotage e Light's operatives., Mass recruitment means e Team outnumbers e League., Barbara Gordon / Oracle. 13,  · Witchcraft is a Young Justice Self Insert, at I got challenged to write as my NaNo project after complaining too much to a friend about e tropes I dislike in e Self Insert genre. Special anks are due to Obloquy for his help in brainstorming and acting as a beta. Okay, Young Justice: Invasion Saturday, 26, at :30am (ET/ PT) - 31 Benea Jaime Reyes searches for a missing friend, while Miss tian, Batgirl, Bumblebee and Wonder Girl return. 16, - Explore Midgardian's board superboy x wondergirl on Pinterest. See more ideas about Dc comics, Cassie sands k, Teen titans.23 pins. Superboy! Wonder Girl! Robin! Impulse! Ame yst! ey and o er young heroes are united as Young Justice in is first collection of comics from e new Wonder Comics line! When e night e dimension known as Gemworld invades Metropolis, ese teen heroes will unite to deal wi e situation-but ey're shocked to discover e battle be e key to e return of Conner Kent k.a. Young Justice League. Dick Grayson. Young Justice League Young Justice Funny Young Justice Robin Justice League Comics I Am Batman Batman Robin Go am Batman Batman Art Nightwing. More information Saved by e. 1.4k. People also love ese ideas. Humor Funny Robin Batman Banter Shenanigans Young Justice Jason Todd Red Hood Nighting e Team Watchtower Garfield Logan Batfam M Gann M Orzz Crack At Some Points Garfield was cut off by M'gann grabbing his wrist and flying out of e room as fast as she could. A Trip to e Mall - A Young Justice Fanfiction. e 28, LeoValdezLovers. Fanfiction Humor Young Justice Justice League Cartoon Network Dc Comics It's M'gann's bir day! e team's (and Roy) ision to take her to e mall to celebrate goes horribly wrong in e most unexpected way. A short Young Justice story is added into Teen Titans 50, where Wonder Girl and Robin remembering eir old Young Justice days, and in particular e newly eased Bart Allen. e pair would share stories about how Bart would impulsively make mistakes such as causing an international incident in Gorilla City, failing to realize his teammates. Dick Grayson is re-established as Nightwing following DC's Flashpoint crossover event, after which e publisher relaunched all of its titles and made alterations to its continuity as part of an initiative called e New 52.In e new status quo, Bruce Wayne is once again e only Batman, and Dick, like e o er members of e adoptive family, is a few years younger.

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